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All you need to know about Paris and what to do before leaving home

Plan your trip to Paris from the comfort of your own home. The general information you need to know and the decisions you’ll need to make before you leave are compiled in this section.

Paris is a great capital

Paris has been the capital of France for centuries, with a rich history of intrigue and influence that has left its mark on every street corner. So there’s plenty to see.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see everything it has to offer in a few days, or even a year. So you need to prepare your trip to Paris carefully, well in advance of your departure.

Organization is key

Good organization will enable you to see and understand as much as possible in the time you have available for Paris.

Organizing your own trip to Paris offers undeniable advantages:

1/ You choose what you like, not what your travel agent has decided for you, probably knowing nothing about Paris other than standard tourist literature.

2/You’ll arrive in Paris already knowing a little about the city, and you’ll appreciate all the more immediately what you see.

Isn’t organizing a trip to Paris a job for professionals?

It’s not complicated, because Paris is a city that’s easy to understand, with a small tourist area that’s easy to explore on foot. It is also easy to find your way around thanks to the buildings (Tour-Eiffel, Arc-de-Triomphe, Louvre, etc.). The bus and metro networks are dense and easy to use, with reminders in English for everything you need to know.

VPBY ( or comprehensive information in English and French.

VPBY provides you with a professional and historical database that is unique and hard to match in the tourism industry. It’s also a practical guide to what to do, what not to do and what to avoid when visiting Paris.

VPBY: ways to use this data

It’s not just articles, but also Internet addresses so you can make your purchases (plane, train, hotel, restaurant reservations, etc.) while you’re still in your living room, or later after you’ve arrived in Paris.

Our site will always be at your disposal from the start of your trip, then during your stay in Paris, right up to your return home, always with the information you’ve stored. It offers you all the services of a real travel agency in your pocket, 24 hours a day.

How is organized the section “1. prepare your stay in Paris” ?

1. Overview of Paris

2. Which stay in Paris ?

3. Transportation

4. The right neighborhood to stay

5. Visit Paris on foot … or by boat

6. Shopping in Paris

7. Your daily life during your stay

8. How to dress, weather, temperature and fashion

The 9 other VPBY sections (from 2. to 10.)

They allow you to choose and book directly, if necessary, your transport to Paris, your hotel and to organize your time and your visits on the spot, in their entirety if you wish.

1. Prepare your trip: everything you need to know about Paris and decisions you need from home

2. All you can see during your stay. Our data-base at your disposal

3. One to 10 days stays : suggested organized stays

4. Find your lodging : hotels, apartments or else

5. Guided walks and cruises to really understand Paris and see the best

6. Paris in photos: before, during and after your visit. To keep

7. Travel Consulting: a stay in Paris tailor-made for you

8. French craftmanship (to learn with Parisien craftmen)

9. Reservations for everything you want to see, enjoy and use and

10. Boutique (Store) for small items to purchase

Now it’s time for the first step of your trip: to take action

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