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Visiting Paris By Yourself(VPBY) let you organize your trip to Paris, simply and professionally, and helps you choose before, during and after your stay.

If you follow the 10 steps in the order described below, you’re guaranteed a successful, comprehensive and thorough stay in Paris. In VisitingParisByYourself (VPBY), you’ll find all the information below, organized by objective… and by solution. It’s also everything you need to organize and make a success of your stay in Paris in a professional way.

1. Prepare your visit to Paris: everything you need to know about Paris and the decisions you have to make while you’re still at home. For a general overview

2. All you can see in Paris. Our database at your disposal. Detailed, historical and anecdotal documentation

3. Stays from 1 to 10 days: pre-organized stays to choose from and give you ideas from departure to return home.

4. Where to stay? Hotels, apartments or others. Choices to make. Reservations

5. Guided walks and cruises: to really understand Paris and see the best of it. Dozens of self-guided tours.

6. Paris in photos: before, during and after your visit, unforgettable memories to treasure, postcard collections. Large-format art photos for your living room.

7. Organizing your stay in Paris: counselling for an “à la carte” stay.

8. French craft courses: cooking, pastry-making and baking, wine-testing, fashion, etc.

9. Reservations for everything you want to see, enjoy and use (tickets for planes, trains, buses, cruises, museums, monuments, shows, restaurants, etc.).

10. Boutique (Store) for small items to buy.

Tourists visiting Paris come from all over the world. Not all of them understand English or French perfectly. As a courtesy to them, and to enable them to fully appreciate the wealth of information on our site, we have opted for this solution. This way, they can enjoy their stay to the full.

The enormous amount of work involved in translating the thousands of pages on our site has not allowed us to refine these translations to perfection. Corrections from our readers on this subject are most welcome and can be made via the readers’ mail. is available in 11 different languages.

Click on the “English” window in the top right-hand corner to select the language of your choice.

So you remain the main player and the sole decision-maker, with all the information and advice you need to help you choose. You have at your disposal :

  • A database on Paris, documented and classified on what is possible to see and visit, with numerous photos.
  • A description of everything you need to know about Paris, before, during and after your visit.
  • A presentation of hotels and neighborhoods, to help you make the right choice for your stay.
  • Numerous short walks from the main museums and the doors of your hotel, optimized so as not to tire you, and which can be followed one after the other for those who are never tired.
  • And last but not least, if you’d like to make a reservation of any kind, you’ll get the link on your screen, so you can do so without delay.

If all the information on isn’t enough to make your stay in Paris just the way you want it, we can offer you an inexpensive à la carte solution, which you’ll find under 7. Organizing your stay in Paris: advice for an “à la carte” stay.

Now, we suggest you to go on by clicking on 1. Prepare your trip to Paris.

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