Which season to choose for your next stay Paris?

Your next stay in Paris must be a success. The weather will certainly be an important factor. And to stack the odds in your favor, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the different seasons.
But before describing them and illustrating them with photos, we’d like to “train” you in the Paris climate, starting with today’s weather in Paris (which you can follow over the coming days) and how to find out the Paris weather forecast, which you can use now from home and especially during your stay.

First of all: what time and day is it now in Paris?

You just have to click on “The time and day in Paris“. You get the “l’Heure légale française à Paris” (French Legal Time in Paris). Nothing can be more accurate!

Paris weather forecast : what will the weather be like in the next hour, the next 14 days or the next month ?

In the below table, you get the temperature in Paris at the moment you are reading. But also today’s weather, as well as the forecast for the days and weeks to come, as well as the climate for each season and the best period for a stay. And more …

The table below shows the weather in Paris today and for the next 6 days.

But in addition, by clicking on the table, you get the weather forecast for the next 14 days for Paris, the end of the current month, the next month and even the long term. If your stay in Paris is planned at a later date, click on the table, you will find the information you need.

It is particularly useful for planning your stay in Paris, for choosing what to wear on your next visit to Paris, whether it’s tomorrow, in a few weeks or even later!

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When you are already in Paris and plan to walk around for a few hours, the same weather forecast site is worth consulting. You will learn if there is a risk of rain when leaving your hotel, the outside temperature, updated every hour.

If you are about to travel to France in the next few days, here is the latest news about the weather. You also get the maximum and minimum temperatures for those days.

What are the best seasons to come to Paris – Statistics

When you are in the process of planning your trip to Paris, you have to choose the date of your visit, sometimes months in advance. This is where statistics come into play, and ultimately, a little luck.

Of course, Paris is nice to visit in all seasons. But some seasons are better than others, depending on what you like: low temperatures or a little higher. Or do you prefer sunshine to light rain?

The weather in Paris – in general

Paris is less than 150 km (100 miles) from the sea (English Channel).

The slightly prevailing wind is from the west, coming from the Atlantic Ocean. This means that there are no temperature extremes, sometimes 0°C (32°F) or a little less in January and 30°C (86°F) or a little more in late July or early August.

Rainfall is moderate: it can be a full day of light or intermittent rain or no rain at all for weeks. See tables below.
Over a full year, the total rainfall is only close to 1 meter (40 “).

But it is always difficult to predict the weather exactly several months in advance !

For more information on the weather forecast, click on Regions of France and Countries of Europe

Paris Live in Spring (March 21-June 21)


This is the season when nature is reborn with the avenues turning soft green and the trees blooming. The days are getting longer, as are the opening hours of the museums. The high tourist season is already here. A little vacation feeling is beginning to emerge. Walkers rediscover the gardens. The banks of the Seine are taken by storm, on foot, by bike or on rollerblades.

Mean temperature and rainfallAverage minimumAverage maximumRainfall in mm (“)
March4°C (39°F)12° C (54°F)35 (1″1/3)
April6°C (43°F)16°C (51°F)42 (1″2/3)
May10°C (50°F)20°C (68°F)57 (2″1/4)

Summer in Paris live (June 21 – September 21)

When the summer season is in full swing, relaxation and joie de vivre are everywhere. In the sun, on the terraces of cafés, on the lawns of parks and the “beaches” of the Seine. Picnics are multiplying and gourmets are melting on the best ice creams of Paris. On the Champs-Élysées, it was the national holiday of July 14 and the Tour de France cycling race was ending. Cinema and music are celebrating: free movies and concerts for all.

Mean temperature and rainfallAverage minimumAverage maximumRainfall in mm
June13°C (55°F)23°C (73°F)59 (2″1/3)
July15°C (59°F)25°C (77°F)59 (2″1/3)
August14°C (57°F)24°C (75°F)64 (2″1/2)

Automn season live from Paris (September 21 – December 21)

The last quarter of the year has begun. The avenues and gardens are decked out in autumn colors, the carpets of dead leaves are piling up, the days are getting shorter, then the colors are exploding. It is the beginning of the school year, but also the beginning of the cultural season. Autumn has its festival and the big fairs attract the crowds. At the beginning of December, Paris is already glittering with Christmas decorations.

Mean temperature and rainfallAverage minimumAverage maximumRainfall in mm
September12°C (54°F)21°C (70°F)55 (2″1/4)
October8°C (46°F)16°C (61°F)50 (2″)
November5°C (41°F)10°C (50°F)51 (2″)

Winter under the snow in Paris (December 21 – March 21) – Bons baisers de Paris

Snow rarely covers the roofs of Paris at the end of the year. The main avenues are bursting with light. Christmas markets and animated shop windows dot the city. One rushes with pleasure to the warmth and the atmosphere of the restaurants and cafés. You can enjoy a hot chocolate break or a spiced wine between two museums. From January to March, it is the charm of the off-season Paris that sets in.

Mean temperature and rainfallAverage minimumAverage maximumRainfall in mm
December2°C (36°F)7°C (45°F)50 (2″)
January1°C (34°F)6°C (43°F)56 (2″1/4)
February1°C (34°F)7°C (45°F)46 (1″3/4)

How to dress when in Paris

You should follow the weather forecast of the few days before your stay in Paris. In general, the weather in Paris does not change dramatically from one day to the next.

Do the same with the forecast for the weather to come during your stay in Paris. This information is presented in the above paragraph “Paris weather forecast: what will the weather be like in the next hour, 14 days or month?”

Be sure to check the weather again before you leave for the airport for any last minute additions to your luggage.

You need to protect yourself against 5 parameters :

  • Temperature too high
    But this is not the Sahara desert. There is plenty of light and cheap clothing to buy and many cafes to stop at along the streets.
  • Temperature too low
    It is also far from Siberia. Again, warm cafes and restaurants are everywhere.
  • Rain
    Heavy rains are rare. It is rather light rain, intermittent rain. A light raincoat will be sufficient.
  • Foot pain
    Invest in good shoes and try them out. Don’t buy new shoes the day before your trip and try them on for 10 hours before your the first day in Paris. Choose good walking shoes. Paris will encourage you to walk longer distances than you are used to.
    Plan on lighter shoes for dinners and shows, but count on those walking shoes to keep your feet comfortable during the day.
  • Fashion
    Tourists tend to be concerned with their appearance in Paris when, honestly, no one cares about your appearance when you’re sightseeing. Relax and be presentable and comfortable.
    Pack a light raincoat and several layers.
    Also, leave room for the nice clothes and accessories you will buy in Paris and bring back home.
    But if you’re going to an upscale restaurant for dinner or to the opera, at least pack a decent pair of shoes and a nice outfit. If you walk into an upscale restaurant wearing sneakers and shorts, you’ll feel a little ridiculous. For last-minute fashion emergencies, try these clothing stores such as Monoprix, dégriffés, déstockage (Voir Jany)

If you want to buy clothes or shoes in France, pay attention to the sizes: they are different from those you are used to buy in your country. Try before you buy! See the size comparison chart (coming soon).

TIP: If you plan to travel out of season and leave when the temperatures are colder, you should bring a coat, scarves, gloves and other warm clothing. Take a “packable” coat if you have one, folded in its own pocket, taking up much less space in our suitcase! It is also more practical to wear several thin layers instead of one thick garment. For the actual parts of the trip, you can remove a layer if necessary and keep it in your carry-on.

The best season to visit and what to wear

Another point that many tourists wonder about is how to dress. Of course, not to be too hot in summer or too cold during winter. But also – and especially for women – to know how Parisian women dress. Simple curiosity of course! Especially since our intention is to recommend you some shopping addresses (not yet organized in Paris in live – sorry! – but if you want to be warned, let us know via our contact form).

Views of Paris: the choice is yours

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