Category: Relaxation breaks and shopping

Relaxation breaks and shopping, to make your stay in Paris more attractive, without getting tired.

Relaxation breaks come in many forms: coffee breaks on the terrace, restaurant breaks, pastry breaks, fashion and clothing breaks, art gallery breaks… and many more.

Of course, the shopping break is often the most expected.

The Relaxation breaks and shopping lists are “geographical”. We’ve put them together for a neighborhood or for a walking tour. The merchants in each of these areas who offer the best service, quality products at an affordable price are in our documents. Each of them has been chosen by us first and foremost, but above all by the Tourists who have preceded you, to meet these criteria. They are rated from 1 to 5 (in fact, we’ve only kept those with a rating of 4 or above). In other words, choosing where to stop from our lists is a near-certainty of satisfaction.

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