Hotels in Montmartre are in high demand. But it’s hard to find one that is both affordable and offers quality service. However, they do exist and we have compiled a list of the best hotels classified by number of stars, commented and rated so that you can choose the best of them in all knowledge.

How our list of recommended hotels is made by VPBY

Our goal is to offer our readers visiting Paris, simple means of comparison, so that they can choose with knowledge and as tourists. It seemed obvious to us to rely on experience, on the comments of the tourists who came before you and also on the marks they gave to the hotel where they stayed. For each hotel we also took care of the number of reviews given (a few reviews are not enough), their age (those older than 1 year are eliminated).

In the end, the hotels we recommend have been given 4 ratings between 1 and 5:

  • General rating: indicates your overall level of satisfaction
  • Technical” rating of the room: size, cleanliness of the rooms, maintenance, quietness of the rooms, rooms with a view, minibar etc. This note is the image of the “investments” and their conservation.
  • Note on the neighborhood: Shopping, tourist sites, restaurants and bars nearby, public transportation, parking available. Of course, 2 hotels in the same neighborhood will get almost the same rating. But 2 hotels located in 2 different areas of Paris will have different ratings depending on the environment.
  • Note on services and facilities: kindness and professionalism of the staff, reception, room staff, etc. This note allows to evaluate the day to day functioning of the hotel.

In addition, we also take into account the number of stars the hotel has, ranging from 2 (entry level) to 5 stars (top level). It is indeed impossible to compare a 5 star hotel that offers services to a 2 star hotel that cannot afford to do the same. On the other hand, a comparison between hotels with the same number of stars makes sense. We remind you that the number of stars is attributed on the basis of official specifications from the French administration, which may or may not be renewed over time according to inspections by the administration’s executives.

Finally, we have added the price per night for 2 people, in the intermediate period (April) because it is clear that in the summer season, the prices will be higher. The reference is April 2023, inflation can of course disturb your bill at the end of your stay. But it also gives an indication, firstly on the comparison of prices between hotels and secondly on the comparison of other criteria which are the ratings and comments of your predecessors.

Validity of the indicated reviews of hotels in Montmartre

In order to compile this list of hotels in Montmartre, we have checked almost all the hotels in the Butte. We have eliminated practically 50% of them as not meeting the minimum required level. But it is true that despite this, we cannot guarantee the quality of services in a given period, which we have tried to identify on the basis of the above criteria. However, this seems to us to be a reasonably reliable tool that will certainly allow you to avoid poor quality or service, the “tourist traps” that are regularly encountered in tourist places such as the Butte Montmartre.

Call for your own review: we need your help to continue to inform future visitors who will follow you to Paris. It will only take a few minutes. We have an information sheet about the hotel where you stayed. Click here to view.

Map of recommended hotels in Butte Montmartre

Voir en plein écran

How the above map works – Information available on hotels in Montmartre

  • Click on “About – View Data” below the map or in the upper right corner. On the right side of the map you will see a list of recommended hotels sorted by star rating. “Close” is at the top right of the map. Clicking on View Data will show you the list of hotels, with their number on the map.
  • By clicking on + or – at the top left (or with the wheel of your mouse) you enlarge or reduce the map.
  • By clicking on the map and moving the cursor, you move the map
  • By hovering over each marker you get the name and number of the hotel.
  • Clicking on each marker you get a window (a table) with all the information about the hotel, in particular its address, its phone number and at the bottom of the table its general rating / number of stars / its average price “mid-season 2023”.
  • By keeping the list of hotels on the right and clicking on its name in the list, you will see the corresponding window on the map, and its location on the map.

List of recommended hotels in the Montmartre area with comments and quality ratings

The list of hotels below includes all the hotels on the map, marked by “their” number on the map. The additional information in this list is the comments of the tourists who have preceded you in each of these hotels and the marks they obtained on this occasion (See above the conditions “How is made our list of recommended hotels in Montmartre”).

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For those who want to stay in another district than Montmartre: the list of hotels recommended by VPBY and visualized on “district” maps

Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements, each of which is divided into 4 administrative districts, making a total of 80 administrative districts. But Paris is also divided into 16 “historical” districts, including the district of Montmartre, which extends over the 18th, 9th and 10th arrondissements. (See URL)

From a tourist point of view, the 16 historical districts are the most interesting. That’s why we are progressively providing our visitors with all the information for each of the historic districts, in particular the self-guided walks and everything related to accommodation. This is a very important point for all those who come to visit Paris.
Our goal is not limited to Montmartre: the whole of Paris is (or will be) covered district by district, in order to let you know the best hotels in Paris at affordable prices and the most beautiful district walks with live commentary via your mobile.

For the moment this part of the site is under construction. Only the URLs are available …

Visit Paris on foot: our guided walks

Paris is best visited on foot, because the distances of our walks are short (1.5 to 2 km) and the density of “things to see” is unimaginable (and cannot be seen by driving by at 50 km/h).
We have already set up a few dozens of beautiful, detailed and complete walks of the capital of France thanks to our Self-Guided Walks. (URL)