Category: Find your lodging

This section “Find your hotel” is for choosing your lodging you would like during your stay in Paris. It is an important decision on which the success of your escapade in Paris largely depends. This is why we are going to give below, the information, the advice, and finally the possibility to book your hotel in Paris. Reservations (not yet operational) can be made by following the link(s) indicated.

As an exclusivity you will be able to use in this section our “Epicenter calculator”. It allows you define the hotels in a radius you choose around a point or a cloud of points on the map of Paris. From this list of hotels, you can easily choose the one you like and in the process, make your reservation in one click.

Of course, if you have your habits with an international chain of hotels, the information in this section will be just as useful to you. This is especially true with the specific and well-documented articles that you will be able to read by following the indicated links. And by pointing on the map the coordinates of your own hotel, you will find your exact location, what is nearby in Paris and the means of transportation from your hotel.

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