Shopping and Relaxation breaks


The number of retailers in Paris is particularly large and well distributed throughout the city. However, some districts are particularly well known for everything to do with fashion, luxury, beauty and cosmetics. Their reputation has become international, thanks to the world-famous boutiques that have set up shop there, or to the specific atmosphere of some of them.
These are the districts we’re taking you to for your shopping!

Relaxation breaks

We’ve put together a selection of Relaxation Breaks for each walking tour, or for the neighborhoods in which you’d like to stay during your visit to Paris. These can be coffee breaks, restaurant breaks, pastry breaks, or even running breaks (see above). These Relaxation Breaks are located on or near the Self-Guided Strolls itinerary, or in a particular area that Tourists like to visit. So you can make the most of your day, without getting tired.

The merchants we recommend are chosen on the basis of product quality, service and price, 3 essential criteria to avoid the excesses often seen in tourist areas. To do this, we carry out a pre-selection process (often 50% are eliminated in the first round) and, above all, we rely on the Tourists who have preceded you and who have “rated” them on a scale of 1 to 5. Only those with a score of 4 or above are retained. In other words, choosing a merchant from our list is a virtual guarantee of satisfaction.