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Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf
9 Rue de la Monnaie
75001 Paris

Tel +33 01 8888 6000

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Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf
9 Rue de la Monnaie
75001 Paris

Tel +33 01 8888 6000

  • Metro: line 4 (Cité or St Michel station), line 7 (Pont Neuf), lines 7, 11, 14 (Châtelet) line 1 (Châtelet station)
  • RER : line A (Châtelet station), line B (Châtelet or Saint-Michel stations), line C (Saint-Michel station)
  • Bus : 21, 24, 27, 38, 58, 81, 85, 96 and Balabus
  • Parking : Ile de la Cité

Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf
9 Rue de la Monnaie
75001  Paris


Coordinates Latitude Longitude
Sexagesimal (°, ', ") 48° 51′ 32″ N 2° 20′ 31″ E
Degré décimal (GPS) 48.85909 2.34271

Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf
9 Rue de la Monnaie
75001  Paris

Description complète

La Samaritaine concept-store is in fact the final outcome of several stories in a row: a pump, established on the Pont-Neuf in 1602, then a magnificent "grand Magasin" from 1870, which closed for 16 years between 2005 and 2021 for exceptional works. The Samaritaine is now open again and is a showcase of French art de vivre for visitors from all over the world, with an upscale 5* hotel, a set of offices and social apartments.

The pump that gave its name to this complex

On January 2, 1602, King Henry IV authorized the construction of a large water pump at the right of the second arch from the left bank, downstream side of the Pont Neuf. It is called "Pompe de la Samaritaine". This was an important technical advance for the time. Water was then drawn from wells in the courtyard or distributed by water carriers.
This two-wheeled pump was the first water lifting machine built in Paris, installed in a small building and topped by a clock with chimes. It supplied the Louvre and the Tuileries. A little later, in 1882, another pump of the same kind but much larger and called "Machine de Marly" was installed to supply the Château de Versailles.
The Samaritan woman's pump owes its name to a sculpted representation of the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at Jacob's Well (recounted in the Gospel according to John), the work of Bernard and René Frémin (1672-1744).

The second stage: the large store of M. Cognacq and his wife Marie-Louise Jaÿ

At the very beginning of his activity, the founder of the Samaritaine (M. Cognacq and then his wife Marie-Louise Jaÿ) would have set up his first shop in a "basket" on the Pont Neuf, on the site of the old pump demolished in 1813. Hence the name of his store.

La Samaritaine was founded in 1870 by Ernest Cognacq as a Grand Magasin. It had nothing in commun with the present new Samaritaine concept-store. It closed in 2005 and its buildings were redeveloped into hotels, apartments and stores (works until 2021). Its Art Nouveau and Art Deco style buildings are the work of architects Frantz Jourdain and Henri Sauvage. The main store is registered as a historical monument.

La Samaritaine was the largest department store in Paris, with its four stores totalling at its peak a sales area of 48,000 m2, just ahead of Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. Its slogan, which has remained in the collective memory: "You can find everything at La Samaritaine".

The decline of Samaritaine Grand Magasin and its closure

From the 1970s, one hundred years after its opening, the commercial prosperity of La Samaritaine slowly declined. In 1986, the "luxury" Samaritaine was transformed into an office and retail building. Over time, many of the historic departments (DIY, pet and bird shops) disappeared, underlining La Samaritaine's alignment with other Parisian department stores. It now focuses on fashion and furniture. La Samaritaine rents stores 1 and 3 to other brands. In 2001, the Renand family sold La Samaritaine, which had become unprofitable, to the luxury group LVMH. The department store closed its doors on June 15, 2005. This was followed by 16 years of work and litigation with associations, at a cost of over 750 million euros.

The rebirth of the Samaritaine concept-store: the whole project

La Samaritaine-store reopens its doors on Wednesday, June 23, 2021 during the inauguration in the presence of President Macron. It occupies 20,000 sq.m. while the whole project extends over 70,000 sq.m., adding the Cheval Blanc hotel, the 15,000 sq.m. offices, the 96 social housing units entrusted to Paris Habitat, and an 80-place daycare center managed by "Les Petites Canailles".

An eco-responsible project for the Samaritaine complex

This space of more than 70,000 m², on 10 levels, is part of an innovative environmental approach.

The design project was entrusted to the Japanese agency Sanaa, winner of the 2010 Pritzker Prize - to combine innovation and respect for heritage

The new Samaritaine concept-store as welle as the whole Samaritaine complex uses renewable energy: in particular, it is air-conditioned using deep geothermal energy and ice storage techniques. The LVMH group is as much involved in the environment as in the economy. 800 jobs have been created for the department store, 380 for the Cheval Blanc Paris hotel, the restaurants, the crèche and security. In the end, 1,500 jobs were offered as a priority to employees who were present until 2005. With the offices, the Samaritaine should bring 2,400 new jobs to the district.

The company Otis has also been chosen to equip La Nouvelle Samaritaine with elevators and escalators. Otis plans to install 25 escalators and more than 40 elevators that will serve not only the department store, but also the Cheval Blanc hotel, offices, housing and the daycare center.

The new Samaritaine concept-store

La Samaritaine concept-store is without a doubt one of the addresses whose reopening has been particularly long awaited. Closed since 2005, due to asbestos and numerous deteriorations, legal actions, the department store was supposed to reopen in 2020. But the health crisis has passed by. It is now done: the inauguration took place on June 23, 2021.

La Samaritaine, the smallest of the Parisian department stores

La Samaritaine concept-store has become the smallest department store ... but the largest concept store. It's a 20,000m2 shopping center that should make serial shoppers happy. La Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf offers what makes Paris so charming: fashion, gastronomy and art of living!

For the shoppong addicts, more than 600 brands are waiting for them under the mythical glass roof of the shopping center. There are luxury brands, of course, but also exclusives and young designers who will probably make the fashion of tomorrow. In fact, there is even a 200 m² concept store inside. All styles and tastes should be found there: it's the place to be for those who, rather than following fashion, prefer to launch it.

The largest beauty area in Europe

There is also a 3,000 square meter beauty area, the largest to date in Paris and Europe. You'll find exclusive beauty nuggets. And since beauty goes through well-being, here is something to delight those who need to be pampered: a SPA and a beauty-studio are also available! Here we find the iconic and leading brands that we all know. We can also find luxury brands such as Dior, Gucci and Dolce & Gabanna, but also rising nuggets such as Charlotte Tilburry as well as products from Deciem, which owns The Ordinary, the most popular reference in terms of facial care at attractive prices.    We also discover the Beauté Pure space, a spot of 80 m2 totally dedicated to responsible beauty with about forty committed brands. This new beauty space also features Asian products whose beauty secrets are in demand. We can find SK'II and Sulwhasoo, two fashionable brands respectively from Japan and South Korea. To help you make your choice, a make-up bar allows you to test the different products that are offered and you can even expect "masterclasses"! A House of Perfume is also on the program and unveils the know-how related to haute-parfumery.    This is in keeping with the concept of a concept store, which La Samaritaine has fully assumed. But the beauty area has also been designed as a true temple of well-being. There is a 400 square meter spa by Cinq Mondes, designed as a real Parisian apartment and equipped with a private hammock and a scrub room. To treat yourself to a wellness getaway, you'll need to spend at least €116 for an hour of treatment.

Plus a beauty studio "Made in Samaritaine".

A real beauty studio "Made In Samaritaine" is born. Ideal to be pampered, this spot offers a beauty treatment for hands and feet proposed by Kure Bazaar, but also hair care with hairstylists, renowned hairdressers and innovative discoveries like the one planned in partnership with the Canadian laboratory Theio Vitality. This beauty space also has the will to unveil committed and innovative concepts by highlighting natural beauty.

And of course the 5th floor dedicated to gastronomy

We've talked shopping, we've talked lifestyle, what are we missing? Of course, gastronomy! The entire 5th floor is dedicated to it. Restaurants, cafés, or tea rooms, in total there are 10 places to eat ready to make you taste the best of French cuisine. From the creativity of a Michelin-starred chef to the delicacy of the trendiest pastry shop, there is plenty to enjoy. Between Voyage Samaritaine by Matthieu Viannay on the 5th floor, Ernest by Naoëlle d'Hainaut, Street Caviar in accessible mode or the Dalloyau spots with Dinette and l'Exclusive, there is plenty to do.

The 5* Cheval Blanc hotel, independent but next to the New Samaritaine concept-store

It's a fundamental change in this area of Paris: a palace, linked to the New Samaritaine. The Cheval Blanc Paris, a luxury hotel with 26 rooms and 46 suites that offers "a place for exalting culinary encounters and its 650 m² terrace that spreads out in two wings, offering views from the Eiffel Tower to Montmartre and from Notre-Dame to the Georges Pompidou Center", "a gourmet restaurant orchestrated by chef Arnaud Donckele" and pastry chef Maxime Frédéric who left the stoves of the Georges V hotel to treat the taste buds at the Cheval Blanc. But there is still the Cheval Blanc Spa with the largest swimming pool in Paris in the hotel complex.



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