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Nuée de Paris - Atelier de création
10 bis Pass. Lathuille
75018 Paris

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Degré décimal (GPS) 48.88488 2.32779
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Nuée de Paris - Jewellery has has moved its shop at 10bis Passage Lathuille, 75018 Paris, France, still at the foot of the Butte Montmartre, at Pigalle.

In this charming little boutique, you'll find delicate 100% made-in-France jewelry that sparkles like the sun. And with good reason: the entire collection is gilded and worn like a precious family accessory, with tenderness. From bee earrings and snake rings to scarves and belts, animals are in the spotlight, sublimated in gold plating or bathed in 24-carat fine gold.

Because a cloud is an inexplicable phenomenon, insects, birds or clouds find themselves doing an intoxicating and sensual dance; don't look for any meaning in these Célestine earrings or this bumblebee ring, the jewelry is free to interpret, and it's up to us to let our imaginations run wild... The only thing certain is the way the femme fatale is sublimated, in the manner of a delicate and intriguing Eva Green.

A symbol of transmission, jewelry is like a talisman that illuminates a woman's beauty and boldness. Jewelry completes our outfit, and thus our individuality. It underlines singularity with intense, poetic softness.

"The beauty, indiscipline and freedom of nature fuel my desire to create. Drawing inspiration from nature invites the hope of offering timelessness to the ephemeral. It's in contact with nature that women reveal their fatal dimension and take on this fascinating, intoxicating form."

Behind Nuée de Paris - Jewellery is a young Parisian who loves light jewelry that moves, lives with us and makes us feel beautiful. For this reason, she draws her inspiration from flora and fauna to design collections in ultra-limited quantities, so that each piece is unique, like a secret.

To top it all off, €1 from each sale goes to the Terre d'abeilles association, which works to protect bees and other wild pollinators in central France. A jewel, we tell you.

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