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Customers rating : 4,9 - There are spectacle sellers and there are opticians. Some opticians are consulting opticians. Les Créateurs d'Opta are the cream of the crop.

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Monday : 10:30am to 7:00pm
Tuesday to Saturday : 09:30am to 7:30pm
Sunday : closed


Les Créateurs d'Opta
25 rue des Abbesses
75018 Paris

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Les Créateurs d'Opta are 4 optical stores in Montmartre: at 25 and 63 rue des Abbesses, 1 rue Lepic and 81 rue Caulaincourt (Santé Visuelle des touts petits et des enfants).

Technicians first

You'll benefit from OPTA's technical expertise and made-to-measure service as you discover the finest eyewear in Montmartre!

As professionals in the field of visual health, Les Créateurs d'Opta offers comprehensive vision care in dedicated eye test areas (screen vision, driving vision, sports eyewear vision, sunglasses vision...).

Opticiens Engagés in Paris (75018), Les Créateurs d'Opta is an Essilor expert, the world's number 1 French manufacturer of high-quality optical lenses. Les Créateurs d'Opta, your optician in Montmartre rue des Abbesses, has forged a special relationship with Essilor through regular training: we can therefore recommend perfectly individualized optical equipment, thanks to our mastery of the best lens and coating technologies on the market, whatever your needs.

Wearing glasses is also about style

It's the finishing touch to your look. It's also a medical necessity, and excellence in this field is essential! This is what these opticians have been offering since 1975 in their Montmartre boutique.

A warm, relaxed atmosphere at Les Créateurs d'Opta

The spirit is relaxed and warm, and you'll be put at ease straight away: taking the time to listen to you and respond to your expectations and desires is an Opta rule. The spotlight is on designers. There's no boring classicism: here, we like to emphasize an expressive trait and give pertinent advice on visagism. Seniors appreciate this tasteful, "easy-to-wear" modernity. On the displays, you'll find a host of top names in eyewear: the big names with their latest creations, and young designers with innovative shapes and colors: Caroline Abram, Anne et Valentin... And let's not forget the lenses: Créateurs d'Opta are specialists in progressive lenses, and their vision checks are extremely thorough. For both prescription and sunglasses, our team of state-qualified opticians will help you make the right choice. So you can go to rue des Abbesses... with your eyes closed!

In our Les Créateurs d'Opta boutique, 25 rue des Abbesses

You'll find the finest optical and sunglasses from our partner eyewear designers (French, German, Belgian, English, Italian, American and Japanese). The brands Anne & Valentin, Caroline Abram, Garrett Leight, IC! Berlin, Kuboraum, Matsuda, Moscot, Nathalie Blanc, Talla Eyewear, Theo, Vuarnet...

Les Créateurs d'Opta designers also at 63 rue des Abbesses

Just 100 m away, 63 is an optician's store where originality reigns, with a selection of cutting-edge and confidential Créateurs and Designers. It's also the Rive Droite showroom for CAROLINE ABRAM - PARIS and TALLA. Thanks to our opticians Maxime and Margault, the 63 offers a human and creative experience, optical and technical expertise, and personalized service in the world of (very) beautiful contemporary eyewear. NB: a few years ago, the store was called LE BAR D'OPTA."

Children also concerned at 81 rue de Caulaincourt (approx. 200 m)

The store at 81 rue de Caulaincourt 75018 - LITLLE OPTA is the specialist in Sight and Visual Health for toddlers and children. Claire, our optician, is specifically trained in children's vision. She rigorously follows your ophthalmologist's prescription and advises you on the most appropriate technical equipment.

Here you'll find the finest selection of colorful, hard-wearing eyewear for the hyperactive lives of our toddlers!

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