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Customer rating : 4,2 - I used to be a very big customer of yours, I used to come with several friends as well so I got a lot of people to come but for several months I stopped coming because we'd get the wrong order, the people who take your order don't speak French very well and that's ok, but make them repeat themselves, find a solution but don't pretend to understand. Especially as the prices are a bit more expensive than elsewhere, so if you get it wrong as well...

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Monday to Sunday: 11:00am to 8:00pm


1 rue Auber
75009 Paris

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Sexagesimal (°, ', ") 48° 52′ 16″ N 2° 19′ 52″ E
Degré décimal (GPS) 48..87114 2.33146
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Bonboncha-Pearl tea shop (Magasin de thé aux perles ) is particularly well located opposite the Garnier Opera in Paris.

What are Boba Bubble Teas ?

The classic version of bobas, or tapioca pearls, are made from tapioca flour, a starch derived from the roots of bitter cassava. In their original version, the pearls have little taste, but are appreciated above all for their soft, gelatinous texture.

The charm of Bubble Tea lies in its infinite variety of flavors, textures and personalized combinations. Lovers of this exotic beverage can choose from an array of options: from soft tapioca pearls to fruity jellies, fragrant teas and creamy milks.

Origin of Boba Bubble Tea

The drink was launched in 1980 at a tea shop in Taichung, Taiwan, which offered this particular beverage, made from black or green tea. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, and with milk. After the streets of Taiwan, this drink has become a global phenomenon. It captivates the taste buds and imaginations of beverage lovers the world over.

With its infinite flavor combinations and colorful presentations, Bubble Tea offers an incomparable sensory experience that's hard to forget.

The balls in Bubble Tea are called tapioca pearls. Tapioca pearls come from cassava and are made from the root's starch. They are then cooked to a soft, slightly gelatinous consistency.

How to recognize a good bubble tea?

But how do you know if a bubble tea is good? First of all, it should have a smooth, silky texture, with no lumps or hard bits of tapioca.

Bonboncha-Pearl tea shop in the world

Bonboncha-Pearl tea shop can be found in Taiwan, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and now in Hungary! The first store outside Taiwan is in Paris – right across from the Opera, not far away of Galeries Lafayette and Le Printemps Store. Our goal is to make Taiwanese tea specialties known all over the world!
A word of clarification : Bonboncha means “good tea” in Taiwanese.

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