20 departures for walks and to organize your visit to Paris. Self-guided walks. These walks should be seen as a complement to the monuments, museums and cathedrals that are essential parts of any stay in Paris. They are indispensable for tourists who want to go beyond the usual clichés in their knowledge of Paris and Parisians. These are relaxing and instructive walks, “interspersed” with “gourmet” relaxation breaks.

20 starting points for walks from monuments, museums and churches

Our 20 departures for walks are planned to start from a well-known building (museum, monument, church) that are a must-see during your stay in Paris. The idea behind this choice is simple: after 2 to 3 hours of “studious” visits inside museums or monuments, in a crowded and noisy atmosphere, we allow you to relax, in the open air, by walking to your next visit. But it’s not a useless walk, because our itineraries have been chosen to pass in front of or close to the unique, historic, anecdotal or simply practical places that make up the Paris of Parisians.

Our 20 departures for walks are chosen short walks, lasting around 2 hours, punctuated by noted “Relaxation breaks” (coffee breaks, restaurants, etc.), and are instructive moments of relaxation. They’ll save you time by taking you to another must-see building.


20 starting points for 20 departures for walks in touristic Paris

Each of our walks begins at the exit of a monument, museum or church, and leads you to the doors of another must-see part of your stay in Paris. Our walks are not meant to compete with them, but to complement what you have seen in visiting them, so that you can get to know Paris better, deeper, by mingling with Parisians on the streets and in the shops.

Our project includes 20 departures for walks . Fifteen are “operational”, the others “to come”:

  • From the Louvre Pyramid: 2 starting points for walks to Tuileries and Concorde, and also to Ile de la Cité.
  • From the Place de la Concorde: 5 departures to the Arc de Triomphe via the Champs Elysées, to the Louvre via the Jardin des Tuileries, to the Opéra Garnier and the Grands Magasins on Blvd Haussmann (+ 2 to come to the Invalides and the Eiffel Tower and also to the Musée d’Orday and the Hôtel Matignon (1er Ministre) and the Le Bon Marché department store).
  • From Les Grands Magasins towards Opéra and Concorde
  • From Arc de Triomphe: 2 departures to Place de la Concorde and also to Trocadéro – Palais de Chaillot
  • From Palais de Chaillot: 2 departures to Arc de Triomphe via Avenue George V and also to the Eiffel Tower
  • From the Eiffel Tower: 2 departures to Trocadéro, with one more to come to Invalides and Place de la Concorde.
  • From Ile de la Cité: 3 departures, initially to the Louvre and, still to come, to Notre Dame, Ile Saint Louis and Bastille on the one hand, and to the Latin Quarter and Palais du Luxembourg on the other.
  • From Notre Dame de Paris: 2 departures to Ile de la Cité and the Louvre, and soon to Bastille via the Port and Jardins de l’Arsenal.
  • From Musée Pompidou to Bastille via le Marais
  • For Montmartre: 3 departures – Pigalle to Montmartre via Place du Tertre, Place du Tertre and the top of Butte Montmartre, then Butte Montmartre and down the west side to Pigalle.

20 departures for walks, guided walks, calibrated, complete and detailed like a human tour guide

Our walks allow you to see and appreciate the Paris of Parisians. Because our walks are not just simple strolls.

It’s not just a matter of mentioning well-known places or addresses as you pass along the street. Each itinerary is chosen according to the importance and number of Points of Interest you may encounter between the exit of a monument or museum and the gates of another equally well-known museum or monument. There are in fact 15 to 25 Points of Interest per walk, i.e. one every 100 to 200 m.

Each Point of Interest is detailed as a “human” guide would do, with 3 or 4 levels of information available at the click of a button:

  • basic information, such as addresses, GPS coordinates (for easy return if needed later), access (metro, RER, etc.)
  • a short description and access conditions (opening hours, prices, etc.) for buildings to be visited (monuments, museums, cathedrals, etc.)
  • and last but not least, access to a unique “professional” database for those who are curious about details and eager for knowledge, historical or anecdotal additions.

The number of our itineraries grows progressively, as our time and financial resources permit, because setting up, checking out and testing such walks is not a simple school exercise.

To give you an example of just one of the 20 Points of Interest on our self-guided Walk on the Butte Montmartre, at the summit of Paris, click on Basilica of Sacré-Cœur, a war, a vow, uninterrupted prayers since 1885.

20 departures for walks, self-guided, of 1.5 and 2.5 km (1 to 1 1/2 miles), done in 2 hours – with Relaxation Breaks

Our self-guided walks are short (1.5 and 2.5 km (1 to 1 1/2 miles)) and can be completed in 2 or 2 1/2 hours. We figured that you’re in Paris on vacation, not running a marathon, so they should be within everyone’s reach.

What’s more, all along the itinerary, in addition to the Points of Interest, we’ve “placed” Relaxation Breaks, which are Coffee Breaks, Pastry Breaks, Restaurant Breaks, Shopping Breaks, Gallery Breaks, etc., so that you can rest, relax, shop, see, eat and chat with the shopkeepers if you like and enjoy the city. That’s what a stay in Paris is all about!

Relaxation breaks at recommended retailers

Although our walks are physically easy, we’ve included “Relaxation Breaks” for almost all of them, consisting of addresses of merchants recommended for the quality of their service and prices (see URL). These can be “Coffee Breaks“, “Restaurant Breaks“, “Shopping Breaks” and any other break you may come across: patisseries, art galleries, perfumeries, clothing, fashion accessories, etc. They’re all located on or near the route of the walk you’re taking. Some walks are not yet “doubled” by Relaxation Breaks, but we’re working on it.

Please note that the facsimile below is a copy of the English version. However, when you view this “Relaxation breaks” page in the language you have chosen, the translation will also be done automatically in that language.


All the recommended merchants have been selected and rated (1 to 5) by the Tourists who have preceded you. We’ve only kept those whose scores are 4.0 or above, which means you’re almost certain to find complete satisfaction in using their services. This also means that we have eliminated 50% of potential merchants from our lists.
As in all tourist towns, abuse by merchants is frequent. It’s a service we try to offer our readers, by giving them the virtual certainty of being well treated when choosing a merchant from our list, and of leaving satisfied with their stay in Paris.

Reversible” walks with your location in Paris

All our walks can be taken in either direction. With a simple click, the order of the Points of Interest and Relaxation Breaks on the itinerary is reversed, in the order in which you will encounter them as you stroll along, regardless of the direction of your itinerary. For example, you can start the Arc de Triomphe Promenade to Place de la Concorde, either from the Arc de Triomphe or from Place de la Concorde, as you wish.
The advantage is that you can choose your starting point for the walk, which may be closest to your hotel, for example. What’s more, you can track your position on our map of Paris at any time, or that of your hotel, or follow the progress of your walk.

Walks in Montmartre: three walks to visit the Butte


There’s a lot to see in Montmartre. What’s more, it’s a hill where almost everything is uphill or downhill, so we’ve divided the tour of Montmartre into 3 slightly overlapping walks, so that the more energetic can link them together if they wish. But each can be done independently of the others:

Shopping tour along the Champs-Elysées to Concorde – Over 100 shops to visit


It’s a walk that’s all about shopping – but not only:

Between Concorde and Grands Magasins Blvd Haussmann via Opéra Garnier


It’s a “Prestige” and also a “Shopping” walk. Lots of history, things to see and buy. Both luxury and “more affordable”. The heart of Haussmann’s renovated district.

Walk in the heart of historic Paris: Ile-de-la-Cité


This is the heart of medieval administrative and judicial Paris. This is where part of the country’s national history was played out. It’s also where you’ll find the Sainte Chapelle, a 12th-century stained-glass building housing the relics of Christ, purchased and collected by King Louis IX (Saint Louis).

Between Louvre and Place de la Concorde via Tuileries and Place Vendôme


It’s a garden, the Tuileries, where the palace of the same name stood until 1871. A restful spot in the middle of Paris, with its statues and ponds.

Between Tour-Eiffel and Arc de Triomphe via Trocadéro


Two walks in quick succession: between the Eiffel Tower and Trocadéro, with a short detour to museums, then between Trocadéro and Arc-de-Triomphe, a beautiful district on the edge of the Golden Triangle of fashion and luxury.

Le Marais from Musée Pompidou to Bastille


A plunge into the Marais district, the old Paris of the Parisian Jewish community, now home to the LGBT, fashionable and boutique communities. The walk ends at a symbolic site for France: the Bastille.

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