1 to 10 days stays

The easiest way to plan your stay in Paris is to trust your instincts, and choose at random or hearsay what to see. You will, of course, have visited the Paris of postcards. And you’ll have missed out on dozens of opportunities that we suggest you see for the same price and in the same time. By organizing your stay according to strict principles of organization which nevertheless leave you the flexibility of the final choice.

Organizing stays in Paris is our business

We’ve done this job many times before, and we have the professional “tools” to help us and the method to use.

A file for each stay, with potential variations

We deliver a file that programs your stay turnkey. Everything is designed to avoid improvisation, haste and the fatigue that goes with it. Your time in Paris is limited and therefore precious. We manage it without putting you under pressure, just to avoid wasting time unnecessarily. You also get a half-day schedule that you can rearrange yourself if you wish.

Our planning starts with the number of days of your stay

It then follows:

  • The choice and number of main buildings to visit (the must-sees)
  • The choice and number of main buildings to visit (must-sees)
  • The choice of secondary buildings or events to see
  • The number and choice of self-guided walks – linked to the main and secondary buildings to see
  • Relaxation breaks, number and distribution – depending on the walks chosen and the area where your hotel is located
  • A special event depending on the stay
  • One or 2 half-days of shopping
  • One or more evening entertainment events (cabarets, etc.)

If you choose our organization for a complete stay, we also offer a choice of hotels and transportation (plane, train or other) to Paris.

A very affordable price for all this organization

We’ve chosen a very cost-effective solution for you: in addition to the planning, we provide you with all the “shopping points” you need to make for your stay, and let you do the booking yourself by clicking on the corresponding purchase buttons. From buying your plane ticket, to booking your hotel, making reservations at museums and monuments, etc. No agency commission of any kind.

What we charge you is a fixed price for the organization of your stay, based on the number of days only, not on the number of people or the amount of your expenses, as a travel agency would have done.

What you get in return, is a digital file, where you make your choices from the suggestions we make, for the number of days you requested. You click to buy what you want.

Our files are “specialized”, number of days, your “must-see” preferences, couple or family visits, wedding, romantic, etc., whether you already know Paris or not, etc. Truly, a well-balanced, personalized, turnkey stay that shows you from Paris what no tourist agency can offer you from a catalog.

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